Policies and Grading

Classroom Policies

ClassroomManagement:  Follows the school-wide PBS guidelines. (per student handbook)

Attendanceand Tardy Policy: Per student handbook.  You must be in the classroom prior to the tardy bell or otherwise marked “tardy.”  Split lunch classes need to be on time at the beginning of class and after lunch is dismissed.

SubstituteTeacher Policy: Be on your best behavior. You are a reflection of your teacher and my expectations when I cannot be in the classroom.  Treat all substitutes and visitors with the upmost respect.  Issues with substitutes will be addressed with a phone call home and one hour after school detention. 

Cellphone and electronic devices:  Per teacher discretion.  Cell phoneswill be used during some classroom activities, such as online surveys and calculator use.  However, texting in class when phones are not being used is unacceptable.  First offense is a warning.  Second offense, is taking the phone and parent must pick it up from the main office.  Ipods are allowed only when permission is given.   Usually Ipods are allowed while working on group projects and classroom activities.  If I feel cell phones or Ipods are becoming a distraction to learning, I reserve the right to take this privilege away.  I am not responsible for lost/stolen phones or devices in my classroom.  

Food or Drink:  No food or drinkunless provided by the teacher or part of a class activity.

Grading Policy

Your grade is calculated based upon:

80% Participation

10% Written exams/quizzes

10% Projects

All classroom activities, exams, and projects are graded on a point system. Rubrics will be given prior to all graded projects and appropriate classroom activities.  Most assignments and activities are completed during class time.  However, some activities will be required as homework.   

Grading Scale:

90%-100% = A                                    60%-69%= D

80%-89% = B                                    59%below = E

70%-79% = C